How to pay for railway tickets. Our recommendations

  билеты жд онлайн

Payment by credit card  

You can pay for an e-ticket on the train, using a bank card. We accept cards  Visa and Mastercard .
Note that not all cards are designed for online payment (eg, Visa Electron) - in this case it is recommended to choose other ways of payment: WebMoney , Yandex , cash . 
After selecting the dates and method of payment by bank card takes you to the payment gateway. Enter your card details, payment password and confirm the payment.
If you do not have the payment password or you lost it, you will need to undergo the procedure of authorization of a credit card and only after that to continue payment.
After successful payment the order form will come to your email address specified when ordering tickets.  The message about the successful payment will be delivered to your mobile phone, specified during the payment .
Authorization of a credit card
The first time you pay a ticket online, you will need to authorize the card in processing center of
Card authorization is required to uniquely identify the payer as to prevent its unauthorized use. After login you will be sure that nobody but you (or your authorized representative) can  make a purchase on our site . And we also see that the payment card holder commits (or his representative).
Authorization of each card is done once : after that, all subsequent payment can be done without additional checks! You receive payment password, which use in subsequent payment, without re-authorization procedure card.

How is authorization going on?
You must enter the details of the payment card and your e-mail. It will come reports of blocking money and successful authorization cards.
After clicking the "Pay" on the map is locked random sum within 10 rubles. To authorize the card, you will need to know the exact amount of the blocked or authorization code (bank transaction ID). 
Learn sum or authorization code in the following ways:
  • Call Support Bank
  • Through client-bank of your bank
  • With the help of SMS banking
PS If your card account linked to a foreign currency, you can not know the exact amount locked in rubles, so in this case it is recommended to enter an authorization code.
  • Your personal information is used solely to ensure that the services provided by the Company. We do not disclose personal information to third parties except in cases where it is established by law or other legal norms.
  • Registration and provision of additional information are voluntary. The information provided is used solely to improve the quality of service and provide you with information.
  • All information that you enter, and which is necessary to fulfill the order, only enrolled by processing centers of banks and transmitted by using technology SSL, ensuring the secure transmission of coded of all data. This ensures that all information you provide will only be known by banks.
  • You can know that you are in the area of ​​safe surfing of order - at the bottom of the browser client appears sign depicting the castle. This sign is there all the time while you are in a secure area of ​​surfing.
  • Attention! At that moment, when you stop using the site processing center and ordering, you are leaving the safety zone surfing.

Besides credit card you can pay for the electronic train tickets  by the following  ways available to the public :  
  • using  Yandex.Money
  • using  WebMoney
How to pay for railway tickets using Yandex .
You can pay  using Yandex.Money directly from your browser.  To become familiar with the system, please visit Yandex.Money.  You can add funds in Yandex.Money  in any city of Russia. It offers to users a wide choice of ways to add the money to your Yandex Money: postal order, bank transfer, cash, etc.  A complete list of ways to add money  you will find in online payment system Yandex.Money.
How to pay for train tickets via WebMoney
To pay for train tickets via WeBMoney, you must be a member of the system WebMoney Transfer . To do this, you must register with the system and accept its conditions, while receiving a WM-identifier - your unique number. All transactions in the system are instant and irrevocable. Depending on your technical capabilities, working conditions or wishes WebMoney provides you with free tools to work with the system and make payments:

  • WM Keeper Classic - is a separate program that is installed on the user's computer
  • WM Keeper Light - Web-application that does not require installation of client software on the user's computer. The results of the transmitted to the user's browser via a secure https-connection
  • WM Keeper Mobile (Telepat) - designed for the calculations in real-time using mobile devices
For more information visit
Cash payment                                                                                            
  • terminals QIWI 
  • Free cash terminals
  • in offices Euronetwork
You can pay for an electronic train ticket by cash in any salon communication "Euronet", as well as through payment terminals QIWI and Free cash in the Russian regions.
Additional fee for cash payment will be charged.
Please note that payment must be made ​​on the terminal payment within 3 hours after ordering. Otherwise the order will be canceled and will not be able to make payment.
An additional fee for a terminal is not charged. Amount to be paid at the terminal corresponds to the one that was displayed on the order confirmation page.
The total list of proposed train seats that can be paid in cash, marked by special icons:
After you select a payment method and confirm the order you will receive an individual number of your order. Record this number, as you will need to enter it on the payment terminal or report Euronet operator.