How to Order an electronic ticket

In recent years, worldwide electronic train tickets are gaining popularity.

Order an electronic train ticket via the Internet - it is very convenient: these train tickets can not be lost, and to deliver them do not need to wait for the courier -  information needed for the trip immediately comes to your e-mail.
Booking train tickets and other services on our site directly through electronic reservation systems Railways. It provides low-cost flights.

Buy an electronic ticket

on the train is very easy
 : You choose the train, direction, and that you need dates, thus you can immediately see the prices for train tickets. Then we check the availability of train tickets, then you enter the necessary information to issue a ticket on the train. The process of buying an electronic train ticket is simple and accessible, even an inexperienced user of the Internet. 
Delivery of railway ticket  is provided in electronic form to Your e-mail. You can also print your reservation, containing information about the trip, on any printer. Please note that the station you will need only to give your name and show your passport.
Order an electronic train ticket will provide you with significant savings in time - selling train tickets going on just a few minutes. No need to queue.Order an electronic ticket on the train in our system - it's easy!
Why buy an electronic train ticket? 
Unlike paper,  electronic train ticket :
  • Saves time - you can buy it without leaving your home from anywhere in the world.
  • We can not forget or lose - all information about the redeemed train ticket is always available in the reservation system.
  • You can purchase an e-ticket on the train for your relatives or friends who are in another country or in another city.
To confirm of purchase of electronic train ticket you can always using a unique reservation number  contained in the information that can be printed on any printer on a standard A4 sheet.
Benefits of online booking of railway tickets: 
  • No signal "busy" on the phone line - you just will not call
  • No queues - you just do not go anywhere and can do pleasant things at home.
  • We work with everyone - individuals, organizations, foreigners.
  • Minimum service charges
  • This technology of booking train tickets via the Internet allows customers in real time to ask yourself the query parameters itinerary and choose any of the available relevant options.
  • In addition, while online-purchase train tickets   aclient introduces and  checks the passport details of passengers. Unlike telephone booking , it virtually eliminates the chance of error in train tickets.
  • Price of train tickets provided on the site already includes all fees.